La Mia Vita


Friday, August 11, 2006

today was the last day of print for the summer at the Texan. i'm still here in dallas, i leave tomorrow morning to go back to austin to move, pack and get ready to go to brazil on monday. crazy. i'm so tired right now...everything's a blur and i'm in a bad mood. i'm going on an adventure right now to ikea to go buy myself a bed. so far i've had an easy time getting around the metroplex, which is a pretty big deal for me. i made it from northpark yesterday all the way to coppell to see vicky. ikea is in frisco, which is farther north than i've been before, but i think i have this down...the problem will be getting this bed in my car, but nic is at work and i know if i don't go now, i won't get this done. i'm still tired from the board of regents' meeting yesterday and wednesday, and i feel like i haven't been able to just enjoy being in dallas. alright, that is all.