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Monday, July 17, 2006

today i swam some laps at the spring-fed pool next door. the upside was that because there's no chlorine, my eyes didn't hurt. the downside was that it was freakin freezing, even though it was more than 100 degrees out. the other downside to my morning adventure was that i swam about four laps — or 5 minutes — and was so exhausted i had to leave the pool. i figured if i just stood there in the pool trying to catch my breath, someone would say something about wanting to use the lane. anyways, now i plan to go back so that i can make it up to 15 minutes at once.

stephanie klein came into the store this past weekend! it was right when i started my shift, and i saw her with the suitor. i was too star-struck to say anything, so i just stood there and pondered if i should go up to her and say something....and then she left. this is all really sad. i'm a reporter for God's sake, why couldn't i just have gone up to her and said something?! i dunno. so maybe if i see her again it'll be a sign for me to say something.

today i got to work at 3pm, just to make some calls. i ended up writing a story and staying until 9pm. that's how long my blinkers were on, because i forgot to move my car from the 30-minute load zone. so i walked out to find a ticket on my window shield, and my battery dead. i feel so stupid for doing things like this, it's just so careless. but at least the ticket's only for $25, and meg and ricardo jumped my car (after we located my battery) and got it running again :)

my hair feels really healthy today. maybe it was all that spring water. and i got some color, which i needed. and now i'm too tired to cook, and i feel like having a salad :/


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