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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

you know you're old when you can't party until 4am and wake up at 7am anymore....because, really, 3 hours of sleep is just NOT enough. how did i ever get through high school waking up hungover to cram for one hour before early morning tests? i dunno.
the server went down at work earlier tonight. again. that meant i got to hang around for a while, but it's alright because i got 13 hours of sleep last night, so i was doing fine. plus, i got to write some 'Tweekend briefs. aaand, we were watching the Mavs game, which was a little too much excitement for me to handle. j-memo to myself: i really wish i'd pay more attention to action in my leads. i really don't notice it until i get to edits, and i feel like it's a no-brainer which should be priority number one.
i skipped math class today to watch the brasil x croatia game today. we won 1-0. it was good, funny that Kaka made the only goal, but nothing spectacular. i do wish it was a bigger deal here. nothing like celebrating the world cup in Rio. sigh.
i DID wear flag colors skirt, yellow tank and all. plus i made a ghetto-looking flag colored with highliters to hang from my monitor :)
what would YOU ask the president of the University of Texas if you could ask him anything at all? that's what i'm debating.


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