La Mia Vita


Sunday, June 18, 2006

today's been a hard day. i talked to my father for a bit earlier but other than that, it's just been uneventful and upsetting. being away from family keeps getting harder and harder for me, especially on days like this where i should be celebrating it with the people that count. instead, it just passes by like any other day and i start missing everyone and everything that i don't have here. so i've been emotional and crying all day, which i hate but i think it's the BC again. it flips my mood around, which is crap cuz i don't know what to do anymore.
i'm also craving chocolate right now; i ate the rest i had and i'm too lazy to go out just for that.
the Mavs game is killing me right now...i hate overtime and i'm going to lose a lot of hope if Miami actually wins this. but seriously, both teams have to be really good to be so freakin close at this point.
i have a math test tommorow, which i haven't studied for yet...but i think i'll wait until tommorow morning. geometry is easy, but i need to memorize the tax and morgage problem formulas. i haaaate math so much.


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