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Thursday, June 08, 2006

today has been kinda crazy...i ended up going in to work, instead of having a lazy morning at deep eddie's. i made a great mix playlist at work, only to find that our computers don't have burning capability. so basically i couldn't make a cd, and that reaaally frustrated me. but i think the photo office has super duper computers, so tommorow i'll see if i can sneak in there and make my cd so that i have decent music to play in my car.
i kidnapped the comfy chair from the other side of the office because no one was using it. it's super perfect except for it's huge and doesn't really fit at my desk. details.
after work i headed to the gap on lamar and purchased a bikini top for the lone bottom i bought a while back; cute underwear; even cuter halter top; and a white blouse. i was right next to central market and couldn't help but feel as though i needed something. when really i just wanted an excuse to go and wander among all the wonderful stuff. i love how central market is this huge maze of endless yummy treats. besides — and this may sound crazy — i love people-watching, and for some reason organic locations always attract the most interesting characters. i guess that's pretty obvious. but it really frustrates me how i'll go in and buy everything i need and look down to realize i'm holding milk, while everyone around me seems to be holding beer/wine. being underage and having no hook-ups really sucks. all i want is to be able to walk in and buy a bottle of wine, come home, cook dinner, and have a chill night. it's not like i plan on getting wasted every night and going for a drive; there should be a some maturity test you could pass and be able to buy alcohol at 18. i don't even walk through the wine section at central market because i don't want to be tempted.
now i'm home doing what i always do: watching tv, getting ready to make dinner. i can't seem to lose my habit of eating late. ooh, i just had a thought...i could go rent a movie, that would be good for a thursday night. i can't believe it's thursday, i keep losing track of days since it seems like everyday is the same. chega, estou morrendo de fome.


  • At Fri Jun 09, 07:15:00 AM, Anonymous dani said…

    vem pro Brasil comprar cachaça!!!!
    falou vinhozinho seria uma ótima esse fds, acho que vou ali comprar..........=)


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