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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

some of my neighbors have kids, and i'm starting to get really annoyed because every morning they're up at around 8am to play outside and make noise. so this of course wakes ME up at 8am, since i live on the first floor and can hear them outside my window. this is already aggravating — but to make it worse whenever i get up and get ready to go to work at 10am, they're gone! why on earth do these kids have to make so much noise at freakin 8am, and then dissappear afterwards?! why can't they come out to play at 10 or later?! it's like this curse on me, EVERY single morning is the same thing. i don't mind kids playing, especially since it's summer. i just don't understand why it seems like their schedule is just to annoy me. i'm about to the point where one morning i'll just open my window and yell for them to shut up, or play later.

i was sleepy earlier but now i'm not, and so i'm randomly thinking of different why i have such horrible cramps during the middle of the month. this new ring isn't all it's cracked up to be. or maybe i'm just being paranoid. i don't know. i don't know the difference between "mild cramps" as a side effect; or "severe abdominal pain" which requires immediate medical attention. so if i pass out all of a sudden, you'll know why.

as i was watching "the Hills" today, i thought about how realistic it would be for me to move to Cali. so i started looking at apartments to rent in los angeles, OC, san diego and santa barbara on craigslist. a studio in downtown LA is going for about $1300. wow. laguna was cheaper, you can live in OC for about $700 a room. and i don't know enough about SB or SD to know where's a good area, but you can find places for about $500. i always say i want to move to NYC, which i think i do. i know i'd love it, no doubt. but then again, LA really intrigues me because i love Rio so much, and LA is basically the Rio of America. except dotted with SUVs and highways. so basically, it's my dream: a mix between all i love of Rio with the benefits of living in the states.


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