La Mia Vita


Saturday, June 24, 2006

i'm exhausted but i can't fall asleep. so i watched Letterman/Leno, then Bobby Flay's Food Nation and now Alton Brown is discussing tomatoes. i made dinner from scratch, and now i'm debating having some sorbet. are sorbet and sherbert the same thing? am i spelling those right, because they look funny.
i've felt nauseous all day...i don't know if it's still my bc, or everything that's on my mind. i'm emotionally drained...not to mention scared. i feel like i need a vacation...or just to go home.
at least gap today was entertaining...this cute shirt i have is now on sale, so i bought it in another color. shopping=therapy. victoria's secret is having its semi-annual sale as well, but i haven't gotten a chance to wander around the mall. frankly, i haven't had time to do anything besides work, eat and sleep.


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