La Mia Vita


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

wow...i'm tired, and i can tell because it feels like my body is shutting down. nothing that some doses of ibuprofen can't fix. work is getting a little overwhelming, but i'm sure it feels like that to everyone right now because we run our first issue thursday. i got my schedule at gap fixed, so now i officially cut back tons of hours and hopefully i'll be less stressed.
i had a wonderful weekend...didn't get much done, except work and hang out with nic...but it was nice to not worry about too much. too bad it's all gonna bite me in the ass now, since i have like a million things to do this week. if i don't get out of my old place by tommorow at noon, i pay %125 of my rent PER EXTRA DAY. ridamndiculous. so now i'm off to finish moving, and write some more tonight, and hopefully have a very busy, yet rewarding, day tommorow :)


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