La Mia Vita


Monday, May 08, 2006

what if we don't overcome the things we believe will fade away? i know things are never really forgotten but, for the most part, over time events just become memories. i think that's just an expected part of life; that we leave behind the old and move on to the new because we are constantly changing, just like everyone and everything around us. but what if we don't fully recover from a certain event? will it always be in the back of our minds? i was thinking about someone today, wondering if the reason he never settled was because he had lost the love of his life. the thought of regret scares me. i think you can be happy, but if you can't completely forget, then can you really be fulfilled? maybe sometimes we're not supposed to move on, but we do simply because we think it's the only option, or the right thing. and maybe there are times when we lose what could have been great, but we'll never know until it's too late.

more rain. many memories shared tonight. looking at old pictures, remembering good times. long day, my back aches. should i take an italian class over the summer? i think it'd be fun.


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