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Monday, May 01, 2006

this weekend went by really fast. friday was the TSP banquet, and i was glad i went. me and emily drove there...and it actually wasn't too far away. it was a lot of fun, and so was the Texan after-party.
saturday i worked all day, came home and had a trippy nap...i passed out, and woke up freaked out because it was already dark, and i thought it was like 6am and i had overslept for something. in reality, it was only 9pm and so i got up and decided to go to the grocery store to get milk because i wanted cereal. i think my sleep pattern is really getting messed up. anyways, so then ash convinced me to go to her friend (who happens to be from brazil) andre's party. met new people, ran into a friend... it was fun, pretty chill and i didn't even drink much, so nothing too outrageous. which is good, because i had to work all day today as well.
today i was in a really bad mood, though i don't know why. i watched grey's, and it made me really sad like always. it's usually a good sad, but today it just made me miss nic, and wonder if this is the right decision. and i cried, but not because of him, but because i'm so upset at myself for getting to this point where i don't care about school right now, and i'm scared this is going to the one time i won't get away with not getting shit done. this has just been one fucked up semester; good in a lot of ways, but overwhelming in many aspects. i just need it to be over.
gap was crazy hectic today, or maybe i was just overwhelmed. still, my shoes were killing me...and i was cranky. i came home and was feeling frustrated with everything, so i cleaned. i'm wondering if i have slight ocd, because i'm really paranoid about stuff like cleaning. my bathroom is spotless, though. and i did some of the kitchen and living room as well. the only thing that made me kinda feel better was thinking about shopping for furniture for my apartment next year. e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g. i'm going to go to tons of thrift and antique stores this summer to find some cool shit, because that almost makes me as happy as shoe shopping.


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