La Mia Vita


Saturday, May 06, 2006

round 2 of horrible weather. except this time i'm not freaking out (as much) and i don't have 2 tests to study for tommorow. i got back from a party tonight, and even though i wasn't sure i wanted to go out, it was officially the last day of classes, so i had to go party for a bit. the highlight of the night seemed to be when a girl decided to go jump in the pool, and then proceeded to run around naked for the remainder of the party. classy, no doubt. anywaaays...i did bad on my tests today, but i'm trying not to think about it. and hopefully by next week know whether or not i'm getting the SR position. i'm getting anxious about the summer now. the last most important thing is that i signed a lease on thursday for my apartment for the fall. i now have a new address as of august! i'm sooo excited about living in west campus, and being able to walk to classes. next year is going to be many times better than this year, for many reasons, but mainly because of location.


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