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Thursday, May 18, 2006

on monday, me and alex-after we had our last final-went to walmart at something ridiculous like 3am (even though we hadn't had proper sleep in weeks) and got fun stuff like cute undies and fake nails. so now i'm trying to get used to my new nails, which actually look quite realistic and not as plastic-y as i'd thought they might look :)

in terms of school: i'm not looking at my grades until they're all in. i DID do really good on my j310 multiple choice, but that was an easy final, so i don't deserve much credit.

i wrote a story for the Texan (it's online @ on monday, and that was exciting, since i got to meet president powers, who was really nice and all. the whole Dell clan was there, and i don't think i knew that they had so many kids. anyways, now i'm looking forward to my next story...saturday i'm covering the Bill Clinton speech at the commencement ceremony for the school of public affairs. that should be exciting :)

tuesday was camila's party...hung out for a while, then met up with a friend and chilled at another party. i got home way too late, and got not-enough-sleep since my phone rang at 6:30am. it was my mother, who doesn't seem to care about the time difference between here and brazil. i do miss her, though. yesterday after i got sun, i came home and cooked (linguini sauteed in olive oil, garlic, mushrooms and artichoke hearts) and it reminded me of my mom. most weekends in brazil, she'll wake up early and take the kids to the beach, or the pool...and then come upstairs and cook us all lunch. i miss feeling like every weekend was a vacation. here, weekends are nothing but more work and not getting the time to stop and enjoy gorgeous days. which to me is the difference between life in rio, and life everywhere else.

today i'm cleaning, laying out again (which i did yesterday, and was it was wonderful), and perhaps packing. then i'm going to go out for dinner, with vicky and whoever else wants to come along. and i'll finish watching "legends of the fall" because i fell asleep last night in the middle of it. maybe i'll start reading part of "valley of the dolls." ash let me borrow it, but i know i won't get it done before she leaves, so i wonder if should even start. i have a bunch of books i'd like to get through this summer. hopefully i won't be too busy.

i need a haircut! and i don't want to pay $80 for some creative art director at a major salon! i just want a good cut, a reliable stylist, and a reasonable price.


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