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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i haven't seen stephanie klein around town yet, but believe you me, once i do i'll be sure to let her know how much i enjoy reading everything she writes. sigh. perfect timing, to say the least...maybe not what i wanted to hear, but sometimes the truth hurts. who knows, maybe i'm getting ahead of myself with all my thoughts...
nice weekend: worked, played, hung out with friends. put off moving. today i was supposed to pack, but i'm being lazy, again. i went to the Texan and uploaded my Clinton speech, which is now a nice little iTunes file. i have a lot of work to do before june 1st in order to have my stories done for the first summer issue. maybe it's still a little early...but so far, no GR's have signed up for tryouts. it felt really weird to have the basement so empty. so after it got dark, me and behnaz left because we were the only ones there.
i need a planner, like one of those super-duper ones, to get myself organized. i have too many things to keep track of now, which means i can't depend on just my memory anymore. i'd forgotten about my cel bill, so i paid that today-minus $85. when the hell did that get so expensive? i used to have like a $35 plan, or something. with that, and keeping track of payments, appointments, etc...i need something to remind me of what needs to be done. preferebly something that makes noise, or talks to me: something goes off and tells me when something is due. a talking/interactive planner. that would be amazing.
i'm feeling anxious about this weekend...waaaay too anxious. quite frankly, what the hell am i supposed to expect? i don't know how much more i can heart feels heavy. is that weird? ohh, and i am now officially a junior! even though i got one C (french) and so my GPA went down, at least i can now register for the damn j315 class. i plan on also registering for a sociology class called aging and the life course-it's about death. i'm kinda really excited. strange, huh?


  • At Tue May 23, 01:30:00 PM, Anonymous dani said…

    vc precisa é de mim amiga ! hehehe
    hj eu descobri que existe intercâmbio da Puc pra University of texas....=/


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