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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tommorow I start my other new job in retail. I wish my Texan paycheck paid for more than gas, but it's understandable. Hopefully next semester my schedule will allow me to work more than just one day a week.
I've made my decision on summer plans. Even though I'd love to be in Arlington, I know staying in Austin will be more beneficial for me. I'll work, take some classes, and it'll be easier to already be settled here for when school starts. Plus, I'm excited to experience Austin in the seems like there's so much to do. Maybe I'll find something outdoors-y that I'll really enjoy, and then I can have a new hobby. Today I went with Ash to show her parents Gregory Gym, and I realized how much I need to start working out, and that there's no better place to start. I figure I need to get into a routine again, now that dance ended, and even though working out isn't my favorite, I can learn to tolerate it. Oooh, and I can go swimming outside and have an excuse to get some sun.
Today we studied Dorthea Lange's photos in my art history class, and I got really upset at this guy who kept trying to say that she was lying about not posing her subjects. It was just so annoying; I wanted to defend her, and photographers, and the art of capturing the perfect moment...but I just sat there and thought I shouldn't get all worked up.
I really want a bottle of sauvignon blanc, and I hate that I don't know anyone here who can provide it for me. And I want to try a pinot gris, experiment a little. Maybe when I get some lemons I can make caipirinhas for the girls, since at least we have some cachaca.


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