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Friday, April 14, 2006

so i didn't make it into j325, which i'm taking as a sign that i'm not supposed to be in photography. which i guess i'm kind of realizing on my own, just by how i feel about it. it will always be a hobby, but print is where i want to be. i DID get p1 today with my story for the Texan, so that made everything better :)
my byline has always been just stephanie matlock, but i always feel really bad about it, because i know my mother's maiden name is such a big deal to her. she hates it that i never sign my middle name on anything. so i'm trying to decide a way to incorporate it, and still sound okay. my entire name is too long, and i don't feel particularly special about the other middle name, ann. so, just for fun, yesterday i changed it to stephanie a. l. matlock. it's concise, but has all my initials. i guess i'll worry about it later.
i have reasons right now to be extremely confused, however i'm surprisingly calm. can things just be clear, for once in my life?? is it too much to ask for just a normal relationship?? apparently, yes. i even managed to baffle my therapist yesterday.
i need to get paid, or allowance, or something. not that i really need to spend much right now, i don't go out or anything. but the idea of financial stability is quite nice. with my mom covering rent and bills, i feel bad asking for money for my cel bill, but soon i'll be able to deal with that.
it's sooo sunny today! i want to go lay out with vicky, but i have to work. hopefully it'll be nice all weekend long :)


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