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Thursday, April 13, 2006

i just thought about going home for christmas, and it made me really excited...i can't wait for the beach again, and actually not having to do anything. i suppose this summer won't really be a vacation, since i'll still be working and going to school: but with little breaks for laying out in between :)
i'm really happy right now, for some reasons: for starters, the shoes i wore to work today turned out to be very comfy, which was a plus. and the day went by pretty fast, as well. second, the new cd at the store has my current favorite song on it, "over my head," by the fray. little details, but hey, those are what count. however, the MAIN reason i'm so excited is because i got a place to stay for the summer. i got this awesome place i really wanted, it'll be close to everything, and now i don't feel so unsure about my plans. i guess i just didn't know how everything was going to fall into place, but now it's really working out. i'll be on lake austin, and be able to go get sun and swim at deep eddie's (which i haven't really heard of, but apparently it's awesome). so, i suppose this will be a very productive summer.
obs: at this point, i'm willing to pay someone to clean my room. seriously, i just don't have time. i have to weigh it out: sleep vs. cleaning. sleep ALWAYS wins. it's not that bad, really. besides some dusting and cleaning, the clutter is mainly due to random papers which need to be filed, bills and statements that need putting away, and loose slides which need to be stored into those clear plastic sheets. that's about it, since i took care of the clothes the other day.
tommorow will be eventful...first i have to find out what i'll be writing about, then i have to go apartment hunting with alex for the fall, followed by therapy, and then if i have time, i want to sit in on ash's interpersonal comm class. she said tommorow's lecture is on sex and intimacy, and i think it could be very interesting. especially since everyone says this dr. daly is such a badass. also, tommorow i believe i find out whether or not i got into j325. i hope that goes well.


  • At Thu Apr 13, 08:08:00 AM, Anonymous dani said…

    Teti, adoro isso aqui pq fico sabendo as novidades em detalhes. Mas odeio entrar e ver que vc atualizou 50 vezes e ainda assim não me mandou um email...não é justo!
    Ta fazendo um mês que vc veio aqui...já parece mto mais...queria que vc tivesse aqui!!
    manda um email e pode começar explicando com quem vc vai morar nesse novo apt, vai ficar sozinha???
    bjoss !


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