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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I have tons to do tommorow, and hopefully I'll get most of it done. I get to sleep in (yay!), then I have to clean my room (so I don't go crazy), study french, read gov't and some case study, stop by post office, go to class, UFG meeting, and finally, go check back on this place I'll hopefully get for the summer. It'd be perfect, location and everything. I need to get out of Riverside, the faster the better.
I'm losing my appetite, I guess it's because I've been really busy lately. I just don't really feel like eating, not that I'm not really hungry, I just have no cravings. Which is weird for me. And all I want to eat are fresh things, like salads and fruit. I don't really buy lettuce, I don't ever think I make good salads at home. I know it's stupid, because they're easy to make, but I just don't like my home-made salads. So that leaves me with little options which sound good....I'm so sick of pasta, and everything else takes too long. Geez, I'm becoming a lazy cook...this is horrible.


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