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Friday, April 07, 2006

Highlight of my day: getting sun by the pool, which means that summer is finally starting. I'm going to try to wake up early tommorow so I can go lay out again, hopefully before the sun gets too hot. I also have some chores to take care of, and I don't want to sleep away my day. I got my schedule for Gap, I'll be extremely busy all next week. I'm excited, I start sunday.
Ash left last night to go to Arlington. It feels lonely without her. I haven't really seen anybody today. I mean, I went to school (Jacob helped me study for my TXA lab test, which was damn hard), but I haven't talked to anyone since this afternoon. I wanted to go out tonight, but I'm tired so I'm ready for bed. I wasted time driving around today, because I forgot I needed to stop by the health center to get my pill, so I drove back to school. After getting upset because I couldn't find parking ANYWHERE, I just left. Maybe it's a sign I should stop taking it for a while. I guess I don't really have reason to stay on it right now, but then again, I don't have any side effects, so I might as well just keep taking it. I don't know, I'm confused.
Umm...a car commercial just used a quote saying it was "peppy in traffic"...what the hell does that mean?? lol
I'm going to bed, after I finish watching Rachel Ray give her $40 a day tips.


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