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Monday, April 17, 2006

the high for tommorow is 100 (uns 40 graus? sempre quis saber se eh isso mesmo), and that means shorts. summer outfits are always cuter than winter ones. maybe it's the colors, i just looove summer colors because they remind me of flowers, open skies, and the ocean.
i'm making a list of songs i want for a mix cd, and right now my latest favorite is the new shakira song, about her hips. that is one catchy song, and it seems to always be on the radio when i'm driving home from work. it makes me want to dance, but you need a guy who can really dance to make that song worth it.
i'm being random....because i feel uneventful, and there's not much to say for today. no grey's anatomy, but desperate housewives was okay. i totally forgot it was even easter, until my stepdad called super duper early to ask why i wasn't in houston at my aunt's. umm....because i have a job that you said i needed to get, i said. then he said my mom sent me a big chocolate easter egg, and he was going to leave it in houston until i could come pick it up. ONCE AGAIN...i won't be there for a while, since i work weekends now. damn it, don't ever tease me with chocolate and then tell me i can't have it! i guess that's how guys feel with sex.


  • At Mon Apr 17, 09:52:00 PM, Anonymous dani said…

    104 f são 40 graus celcius, ta certo sim !! =)
    Aqui ta chovendo mto, é bom que me prende em casa pq tenho 2 provas mto importantes essa semana...
    tenho que estudar!!



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