La Mia Vita


Friday, August 11, 2006

today was the last day of print for the summer at the Texan. i'm still here in dallas, i leave tomorrow morning to go back to austin to move, pack and get ready to go to brazil on monday. crazy. i'm so tired right now...everything's a blur and i'm in a bad mood. i'm going on an adventure right now to ikea to go buy myself a bed. so far i've had an easy time getting around the metroplex, which is a pretty big deal for me. i made it from northpark yesterday all the way to coppell to see vicky. ikea is in frisco, which is farther north than i've been before, but i think i have this down...the problem will be getting this bed in my car, but nic is at work and i know if i don't go now, i won't get this done. i'm still tired from the board of regents' meeting yesterday and wednesday, and i feel like i haven't been able to just enjoy being in dallas. alright, that is all.

Monday, July 17, 2006

today i swam some laps at the spring-fed pool next door. the upside was that because there's no chlorine, my eyes didn't hurt. the downside was that it was freakin freezing, even though it was more than 100 degrees out. the other downside to my morning adventure was that i swam about four laps — or 5 minutes — and was so exhausted i had to leave the pool. i figured if i just stood there in the pool trying to catch my breath, someone would say something about wanting to use the lane. anyways, now i plan to go back so that i can make it up to 15 minutes at once.

stephanie klein came into the store this past weekend! it was right when i started my shift, and i saw her with the suitor. i was too star-struck to say anything, so i just stood there and pondered if i should go up to her and say something....and then she left. this is all really sad. i'm a reporter for God's sake, why couldn't i just have gone up to her and said something?! i dunno. so maybe if i see her again it'll be a sign for me to say something.

today i got to work at 3pm, just to make some calls. i ended up writing a story and staying until 9pm. that's how long my blinkers were on, because i forgot to move my car from the 30-minute load zone. so i walked out to find a ticket on my window shield, and my battery dead. i feel so stupid for doing things like this, it's just so careless. but at least the ticket's only for $25, and meg and ricardo jumped my car (after we located my battery) and got it running again :)

my hair feels really healthy today. maybe it was all that spring water. and i got some color, which i needed. and now i'm too tired to cook, and i feel like having a salad :/

Friday, July 07, 2006

o.m.g. i just saw a comercial for alton brown's new program called "feasting on asphalt", in which he tours the country on a motorcycle in search of different places to eat. this probably is exciting just to me, but since i basically only write here so dani knows what i'm up to, i'll let you know how he's one of my favorite cooks on the Food Network and provides endless hours of entertainment on nights like this one — it's a friday and i'm home from work, watching TV and ready to pass out for the night. pqp, i'm so lame.
i was thinking about how i wished i had a party to go to, or something of the type to do tonight. but then i realized that anything like that wouldn't acutally make me happy: i wish i could spend every weekend the same way i spent this past fourth of july. besides being in dallas, which i'm missing terribly right now, everything was just perfect. i woke up late on tuesday; spent the day with his family, getting to know them; watched the world cup, but i wasn't really cheering for either germany or italy; later i made cinnamon rolls, which i haven't had in forever, and we watched a bad movie so i slept through it; and afterwards i got to fall asleep next to the one person i wish i were with everyday. it's hard being far away all the time.
i don't feel like cooking so i'm going to magnolia's across the street for some breakfast-food dinner.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

i remember when dani used to say that getting her nails done was a necessity and it made her feel more like a girl. well i did mine today, and i can't stop looking at them. it really does make you feel more proper in some way.

i made myself a nice caipirinha and i'm drinking it out of this cup i bought especially for them because it's green and short and looks like the perfect caipirinha cup. i wanted to go to terror thursday with emily and kami, but i also want to wake up early and go swim some laps so i decided i'm go to sleep early tonight. not that i go to bed late ever, but still. tommorow ash is coming to town to hang out and i'm beyond excited! i have an interview to do in the afternoon, then i close at Gap — which should be fun — then i get to hang out with ash and whoever else.

i can't believe it's already july and my summer's half over. it's driving me crazy, but i suppose that's what happens when your busy.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

i'm exhausted but i can't fall asleep. so i watched Letterman/Leno, then Bobby Flay's Food Nation and now Alton Brown is discussing tomatoes. i made dinner from scratch, and now i'm debating having some sorbet. are sorbet and sherbert the same thing? am i spelling those right, because they look funny.
i've felt nauseous all day...i don't know if it's still my bc, or everything that's on my mind. i'm emotionally drained...not to mention scared. i feel like i need a vacation...or just to go home.
at least gap today was entertaining...this cute shirt i have is now on sale, so i bought it in another color. shopping=therapy. victoria's secret is having its semi-annual sale as well, but i haven't gotten a chance to wander around the mall. frankly, i haven't had time to do anything besides work, eat and sleep.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

some of my neighbors have kids, and i'm starting to get really annoyed because every morning they're up at around 8am to play outside and make noise. so this of course wakes ME up at 8am, since i live on the first floor and can hear them outside my window. this is already aggravating — but to make it worse whenever i get up and get ready to go to work at 10am, they're gone! why on earth do these kids have to make so much noise at freakin 8am, and then dissappear afterwards?! why can't they come out to play at 10 or later?! it's like this curse on me, EVERY single morning is the same thing. i don't mind kids playing, especially since it's summer. i just don't understand why it seems like their schedule is just to annoy me. i'm about to the point where one morning i'll just open my window and yell for them to shut up, or play later.

i was sleepy earlier but now i'm not, and so i'm randomly thinking of different why i have such horrible cramps during the middle of the month. this new ring isn't all it's cracked up to be. or maybe i'm just being paranoid. i don't know. i don't know the difference between "mild cramps" as a side effect; or "severe abdominal pain" which requires immediate medical attention. so if i pass out all of a sudden, you'll know why.

as i was watching "the Hills" today, i thought about how realistic it would be for me to move to Cali. so i started looking at apartments to rent in los angeles, OC, san diego and santa barbara on craigslist. a studio in downtown LA is going for about $1300. wow. laguna was cheaper, you can live in OC for about $700 a room. and i don't know enough about SB or SD to know where's a good area, but you can find places for about $500. i always say i want to move to NYC, which i think i do. i know i'd love it, no doubt. but then again, LA really intrigues me because i love Rio so much, and LA is basically the Rio of America. except dotted with SUVs and highways. so basically, it's my dream: a mix between all i love of Rio with the benefits of living in the states.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

today's been a hard day. i talked to my father for a bit earlier but other than that, it's just been uneventful and upsetting. being away from family keeps getting harder and harder for me, especially on days like this where i should be celebrating it with the people that count. instead, it just passes by like any other day and i start missing everyone and everything that i don't have here. so i've been emotional and crying all day, which i hate but i think it's the BC again. it flips my mood around, which is crap cuz i don't know what to do anymore.
i'm also craving chocolate right now; i ate the rest i had and i'm too lazy to go out just for that.
the Mavs game is killing me right now...i hate overtime and i'm going to lose a lot of hope if Miami actually wins this. but seriously, both teams have to be really good to be so freakin close at this point.
i have a math test tommorow, which i haven't studied for yet...but i think i'll wait until tommorow morning. geometry is easy, but i need to memorize the tax and morgage problem formulas. i haaaate math so much.